It’s no secret that producers have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of finished or unfinished tracks that never see the light of day. Sometimes this is because they can’t market it to any appropriate label (or maybe there isn’t a label that’s even appropriate), sometimes it’s because they’re just personal exercises in experimentation. Whatever the case, it’s a damn shame.

However, many of the smaller producers who don’t yet have allegiance to a label, who have no contractual obligations to speak of, are much more free in how they can release their tunes. Take Davin Quinn for example – no label affiliation, uses Bandcamp as his primary source of revenue. He’s a posterchild for what I’m talking about, and he just so happens to have an EP of some unreleased goodies that are finally hitting the market.

Keep in mind, these are all unreleased tracks that never hit market, so the EP as a whole isn’t very coherent, in any way, shape or form. That being said, it’s a wonderful collection of tracks. “Entropy” is a huge DnB banger with a very pretty, almost orchestral melodic breakdown, very instrumentally focused. It actually serves as the outro to the track, rather than a lead-in to another drop, which is perhaps due to its “unfinished/unreleased” nature. “ASDF (VIP)” is a nice melodic glitch hop track, though it’s rather short. The backing synths give it a mystical feel while the lead synths build a rather pleasurable amount of suspense. The drop has got a fair amount of energy left in it though, again, it only lasts for less than a minute.

The remaining tracks bounce from trap to electro house to some variant of melodic breakbeat. There’s even a piano flourish toward the end of “Brush” that is very reminiscent of Haywyre’s stylings. The final track “Aviary” is the shortest of the bunch, and consequently leaves the most to be desired (as in, I wish there was more of it).

The EP is “name your price,” but with a great selection of tracks and an artist who’s trying to make more music for newer fans, even a small payment is enough. Try to keep that in mind.