Things are looking promising for Enhanced Recordings’ prodigy Juventa. As if his Just For Now EP wasn’t enough for fans, he’s released his second EP Kinetica only five weeks later. Old School gamers will appreciate Jordin’s subtle references to the classic PS2 game throughout the EP, from song titles to the high speed pace of some tracks.

Kinetica begins with the instrumental “All & None.” The cinematic opening transforms from somber piano chords to futuristic synths, but refuses to give the listener the expected drop. That comes in “Torque,” which was already released as a single to close out 2014. “Torque” is a traditional progressive house tune, complete with high energy and a nice bassline to really kick off the EP. Though it’s a mouthful, “Wooloomooloo” is a jaw-dropping tune, taking cues from “Torque” but with more subtle complexities in the melody. As the halfway point in the EP, “Woolloomooloo” is much more relentless, a proper climax in the journey.

Given the pace of the last two tracks, I expected “Waking” to have the same level of intensity. Instead, the outro is a much more serene, a stark contrast, but still in line with the first half of the EP’s opening track “All & None.” It’s clear that there are two, immensely powerful sides to Jordin as a producer: the progressive house mastermind and the delicate, soothing genius. “Waking” draws its simple, but powerfully emotional build from the likes of M83, Porter Robinson, and others. Just when you think it’s over, Juventa adds one final track “SHWDWN” into the mix, another showcase of his talent for club-ready material. “SHWDWN” is a hybrid of both styles highlighted in the EP; a bouncy bassline but full, progressive chords in the breakdown.

Though he may be the youngest artist in the Enhanced line-up, Juventa shows that his musical maturity can keep pace with some of dance music’s most legendary artists. The Kinetica EP is yet another successful outing for the young Dutch producer, reminding us not only his versality, but his willingness to take musical risks instead of sticking to the same old formula. With momentum at an all time high, we’re already anxious for another EP, or even his debut album in 2015.

Juventa’s Kinetica EP is out now on Enhanced and is available for purchase via iTunes or Beatport.