This track right here… this f**cking track…

“Punx” is my white whale, my Moby Dick, my mythical beast. I first heard it in August 2012 from Invader!. It was a WIP back then. Soon though, he took it down. I was pretty sad.
I became friends with Invader! through my personal blog when I was just starting to gain my voice and he gave me the private stream to “Punx” in November 2013. It was still a WIP.
I saved the URL on a notepad on my phone, so that I could listen to it whenever I wanted.
Soon though… that link was dead too.

It was like I was chasing something that I would never get. But lo and behold on CHRISTMAS MORNING … that bastard finally released it. “Punx” was out. And free.

Since the basis for the song is a few years old, it might sound outdated, or you might think that it’s a throwback to an older style of sound. Whatever your interpretation of the track, there’s no doubt that it’s a banger. It’s a heavy, progressive electro house tune that keeps you moving from start to finish. I’ll likely play this song a couple dozen times in the next day or so. It’s just short enough that you want more, but long enough to be completely satisfying. I’m so happy with how this track finally came out.