Jack Ü wasn’t the only one who had a monster set on NYE. Boy wonder Martin Garrix was also in New York for the new years, just a few miles away at pier 36. It seems that NYE gave DJ’s the chance to whip out all their tricks and bangers to end the year with a memorable set to last us until festival season.

The 2 hour set, recorded by User42, features all the Martin Garrix classics and is the embodiment of a main stage headlining performance. Hard drops, long builds and just enough vocals make this set in the top 5 NYE performances we have heard so far. The amount of energy Martin Garrix brings to his sets is undeniable and his NYE performance is a testament to that fact.

Check out the set below and enjoy 2 hours of Garrix mayhem:


As an added bonus, we have also included Oliver Helden’s Pier 36 Set. Why? Because it kicks ass as well:

Photo Credit: Rukes