The hype around Coachella for the last few days has been intense. Whether you love or hate the freshly released line up, it doesn’t matter anymore, their sold out.

Shortly after opening up ticket sales today, Coachella broke a new record by selling out in less than 40 minutes. Thats right, it took less than an hour to completely sell out 2 weekends worth of shows.

Coachella features performances from all genres of music and has long reigned king as one of the better festivals you can visit in the United States. The artwork, stages and live performances give Coachella a unique experience that cannot be easily matched.

Last year, Coachella was the top grossing festival generating over $78 million in revenue. If you were one of the lucky people to grab your tickets, then try not to rub it in for the rest of us.

You can get ready for Coachella by checking out their teaser below:

Source: OC Register