Diplo has a rather detailed musical past, that most of us aren’t aware of. Thankfully, “F10RIDA” is a 20 minute documentary here to reveal all.

Watch as it explores his growth from a school teacher in Philadelphia to a superstar EDM DJ and producer. The brilliance behind Wes is his incredible story of hard work and dedication, and how his passion shone through to see him grow so much in ten years.

From reaching out to sick fans, to supporting growth in the underground music scene and speaking out against drug usage within electronic music culture, Diplo’s actions speak for themselves and a commemorating documentary is more than deserved; even if it gets a little weird at times.

Read more about Diplo here: Diplo

“Diplo has shared a companion documentary for his Florida 10-year anniversary reissue, titled F1ORIDA. Directed and edited by Diplo’s friend and former roommate Brian Torres Korlofsky, the 20-minute film explores the DJ/producer’s early career, featuring commentary from Diplo himself and Will Ashon of the Big Dada label (who released Florida).”