Ahead of the universally anticipated Jack Ü EP supposedly coming out later this month, Diplo took a break to post some interesting footage to his Snapchat.

In this video captured by EDMtunes, Billy Madison is sporting the “Jack Ü” logo (though not really) and a track from the forthcoming EP is playing in the background. Normally, this would serve as just a regular amount of hype. What brings the hype up to 11 are vocals that sound curiously similar to Sonny’s own luscious cords.

His time in punk rock as frontman for From First to Last has garnered him some praise and even featured vocals on a few tracks, like “Father Said” from 12th Planet. 

Another curious similarity in the vocals is to Fall Out Boy’s lead vocalist Patrick Stump. Though, after the years it’s been since Skrillex sang in From First To Last, his voice could have easily matured and changed, which is why it’s hard to say which one for sure, but the similarities to Patrick are large.

Source: EDMtunes
Image Source: Rukes