One of the most iconic music venues in Detroit, the Magic Stick, has decided to close it’s doors briefly while it undergoes $300,000 in renovations to be transformed into a club dedicated to EDM.

The owner states that “the rock and roll market is saturated, it’s time to change;” and he speaks the truth. Live music venues around the country, and the bands that perform in them, continue to suffer at the hands of electronic music; where often times a single person is performing on equipment that is extremely standardized, serving to lower costs and increases profits.

However the Magic Stick is part of a multiple venue arena know as the Majestic Complex, where it’s sibling venue, the Majestic Theatre, will continue to host live music events while the newly minted electronic music club lays down the pounding bass lines upstairs.

The revolution of electronic dance music shows no signs of slowing down as more and more music venues are catering to both it’s audience and performers. The only question we’re left asking is: where isn’t EDM gaining more recognition?

HT: The Detroit News