If there’s one thing we don’t see (or hear, rather) enough of, it’s breaks. The uptempo, low-end heavy cousin of house music is a criminally underrated genre it would seem. Fortunately, there are still artists out there who continue to push the boundaries of the style. The Bay Area’s own Sychosis is a perfect example; his recent edit of Koreless‘ classic track ‘MTI’ is absolute magic.

Where other remixers preferred to slow the track down, Sychosis takes full advantage of the tempo and gives this tune the breaks treatment it so desperately needed. Supremely catchy vocal chops and crisp snare drums stutter over booming bass-lines that will have your head bobbing and your feet tapping uncontrollably. Make sure your sub is turned on, this track packs a wallop; check out the full stream below and make sure to grab the free download if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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