The world needs more Sunset House. Tropical House is the big wave right now, with Kygo and Thomas Jack blazing a serious path through 2015, but I’m all about it’s lesser-known, baby cousin Sunset House. Let SNBRN‘s growing popularity prove that. In 2014 SNBRN made a batch of clever remixes, from 50 Cent‘s “21 Questions” to Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack,” even an official remix for Dirty South‘s “Unbreakable.” But now it’s time to see where Sunset House can really go. His first original “Raindrops” ft. Kerli is a step in the proper direction. As Tropical House leans towards easy listening, Sunset House reminds everyone that it’s still house at its core, and you can’t skimp on the bass. Sunset House takes deep house out of the warehouses and underground, and puts it on sandy shores with an umbrella in your drink. Kerli’s airy voice helps, with light riffs and learnable lyrics, to make this a track to take you out of the winter and onto Holy Ship, Groove Cruise, and wherever else that isn’t cold and miserable. Check out the track below, and be sure to purchase the track on Beatport ASAP.