He’s the voice behind David Guetta’s “Aint A Party,” and he provided vocals for Hardwell’s newest track “Sally.” With his distinct rock-influenced and gritty vocals, Harrison has made his mark in the EDM scene through collaborations with some of the biggest producers. After his hit “Aint’ A Party,” the singer-songwriter from UK is earning a name for himself, performing at the mainstage of SW4 last summer and at Ibiza, and recently with Hardwell for a crowd of 6,000 at Heineken Music Hall during Amsterdam Dance Event last year. I got to catch up with Harrison on his experience on collaborating with the producers, performing live on stage, and his upcoming projects.

You established your presence in the EDM scene with your work on David Guetta’s “Ain’t A Party.” How did the collaboration come about and what was it like to work with him?

It’s always amazing to work with a legend in the scene. I never expected “Ain’t A Party” to become such a big deal. I still hear it a lot at festivals, even 2 years after I recorded it. I made it in my studio in Surrey on a Glowinthedark track and David heard it and wanted to get involved from the first listen.

Did you notice a big change in your career after it became such a huge hit?

Yeah, I went from doing zero shows to playing places like Ministry of Sound, Cream in Liverpool and a residency with Judge Jules in Ibiza!!

You have a unique stage presence where you not only DJ, but also sing live. Last year, you had some major live performances, including SW4 and at the Heineken Music Hall alongside Hardwell during ADE. How did it feel to play to such a large crowd? How do you mentally prepare for your performances?

I really do get scared about an hour before stage and then I just think, you know what, you have to go out there and have fun. After all, singing and DJing is what I love and when you have someone DJing for you, like I had Steve Aoki at SW4 or like Hardwell at Heineken Music Hall, it’s even more pressure not to mess up!

In past interviews, you’ve stated your love for rock and roll – did you always envision yourself to be in the electronic music world, or did you expect to be active more with rock music?

I just love music full stop. I get the same feeling from rock records as I do from electro. It’s just an awesome feeling that makes me feel ALIVE!

What inspired you to become a vocalist and how has rock and roll influenced your sound?

I love singing and production. I guess the power behind a rock vocal is really intense and that really works at festivals, getting the crowd going and pumped, but I can sing more toned down stuff as well with this influence.

How would you say you set yourself apart from the other EDM vocalists out there?

I’m not trying to sing about really sad or really deep topics all the time, I’m just having fun with it, you know? It doesn’t all have to be all doom and gloom and a lot of them are pretty much the same — I feel my voice is very different and has an edge from most others you hear.

You have a host of new collaborations with artists such as Steve Aoki, Dannic and Thomas Gold. As a vocalist, how do you approach the collaboration process, when you’re working with other artists?

Normally I write the song and then I approach an artist but sometimes as with the Dannic and Aoki tracks, they send me vocals, and I lay it out for them and take their feedback too!

What can fans expect from you in 2015?

Lots and lots of new Harrison material and solo records!