I’ve just never really been that much into Zedd, personally. I can see the appeal in his tracks, his singles are phenomenal, and his status in electronic music is well deserved. I especially like one of his singles “Stay The Night” and I absolutely love belting out the lyrics along with Hayley Williams.

As good as the original is, though, Chet Porter’s cover is absolutely incredible. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. From the harp in the beginning to the chirping birds, the crescendoing synth and the soft Legend of Zelda samples (the kid yawning), the sound design and mixing is phenomenal. Every time I start it over, I get chills when the lightly phased vocals come in. The quivering bassline beneath the lead synth is something out of a dream, toying with you and teasing your eardrums. The future trap stylings are apparent, as the 808s roll in but they’re so subtly pronounced that the rest of the track is unaffected, and they serve as a light garnish atop the delicious main course.

Every little effect, every little synth and bassline and sample in this track is like a masterfully made entrée made to co-mingle and bring out the best of every individual ingredient. This song can be completely different whether played loudly or quietly, with the booming bass beneath your feet or the faint hints of chimes and piano.

This is, in my opinion, a perfectly crafted track.

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