SPL has been on my radar since early 2013, just around the time of the release of his Balearic Bass EP, though he’s been making music for much longer than that. After I met him at a club in Hollywood, I knew that I had to keep an eye on this guy.

Fast forward about a year and a half, and I see a preview for a track called “The Vision” on his Twitter. It was slightly reminiscent of older Bassnectar, with that kind of cosmic bass and and wobble going on, but the final product is so much grander than any slight comparison or similarity might prescribe. The very beginning of the track is like something out of a dark and ominous sci-fi flick, with large amount of space between the high pitched and reverbed synth notes, allowing your mind to wander. The bass and lead synth begin subtle and build and build to a terrifying crescendo until it crashes into the drop, an enormous bass-heavy wobble that you have to hear to believe.

It wasn’t until my third or fourth listen that I even noticed how great the kick and snare were for how powerful the bassline was. The subtle little additions, the barely noticeable samples in the background, are what keep me coming back to this track over and over again. The layering and attention to detail are incredibly precise and well-executed, certainly not a surprise considering the author. “The Vision” is a heavy dubstep track that still follows a discernible melody and that, in and of itself, is an incredible feat.

SPL has got a lot more content planned for this year, so keep your eyes out.