Netherlands-based trio Black Sun Empire have been gracing us with glorious drum & bass for over a decade, and are showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest release, titled Until The World Ends, is a collaborative EP with New Zealand duo State Of Mind, whose previous album Eat the Rich (released last year under BSE’s label Blackout Music) was awarded Album of the Year by the Drum & Bass Arena Awards.

The leading track off the EP, title song “Until The World Ends”, is an immediate boost of energy. Beginning with a slow buildup that features New Zealand rapper PNC on vocals, the track quickly gains momentum and explodes with bass. Next up is “Bad”, an ominous sounding car-chase-ready track that keeps up well with the first. Third on the EP is “Ego”, a techy-sounding high speed track which was released in December as a single. Track four is “Jack Nicholson”, which (of course) contains a vocal sample of the man himself from the ’70s film Five Easy Pieces over gritty percussion. Closing out is “Moonbox”, my personal favorite off of the EP. With a minimal looping melody and dark beats, the track finishes off the EP on the right note.

The EP is available now on Beatport. Listen below.