Starlyte is a young producer from Malaysia. Didn’t get your attention yet?

Okay, how about the fact that Starlyte works in genres like trance and house? Not yet, hm?

Okay, okay. How about this, Starlyte has released a video of a very special remix to Pierce Fulton’s “Kuaga,” all performed on a launchpad? It’s pretty dope!

Now, launchpad videos are nothing new or special, that’s true. But Starlyte’s mission is to put the focus on the music, and with the video so heavily filtered and colorized, making it a little difficult to even make out the hand motions, it’s really all about the music. The remix itself makes great use of the stems from “Kuaga,” playing on those magical vocals and throwing in a electro drop, keeping the energy at max levels the whole way through.

You can download the remix for free HERE.