After just the right amount of anticipation, Royal‘s new EP, Cycles, is finally here. The five track project has that future sound we have come to know and love from the DC producer. We have already covered two of the singles, “Passenger” and “Round Two,” which hyped the release prior to its date of publication on January 26th.

Album credits go mostly to Royal, however contributions were made by Desktop. on two tracks, and Axel Mansoor on one. You can just feel the hard work and talent in each of the songs that are teeming with an emotional prowess that will take your feels and shake them up. With tracks like “Mixed Feelings” and “Devil Pt. 1” there’s a real star quality that shines bright, which could allow for Royal to breakthrough to even the top of the mainstream music world. Cycles is one of the cleanest releases this year so far, and if you don’t believe me, have a listen for yourself. If you come to liking what you’re hearing, then you can download the EP for free, or support it with a purchase on iTunes.

Free Download