Straight from the boroughs of the UK, singer/songwriter/producer Koo presents her first single from her upcoming EP, Into The Night.

Having previously been featured as a vocalist on tracks from KOAN Sound and Puppet, as well as having numerous smaller original tracks, Koo is excited to be able to release this newest EP on her own Koo Music label. The first single, “Sail Away,” is a very interesting bass tune. The bassline and synths play on each other to create this retro/future dichotomy with the sound. The guitar in the intro plays brilliantly off the subdued and powerful bassline, along with Koo’s own heart-wrenching vocals.

This track is sort of the epitome of generic “bass” music, blending elements of trap, dubstep and even slightly glitch hop or drum n bass into one cohesive unit. Koo’s vocals act as a glue, cementing everything together and ensuring that all various elements are cohesive and flawless in the final product. With this as the first single, I’m really, really excited to see what else the Into The Night EP has got in store.

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