Beatport recently organized one their best remix competitions yet and we have spent the last several days tearing through each remix one by one. The challenge? Remix Dillon Francis’ rendition of Deadmau5’s ‘Some Chords’.

Andrei Stephen pulls samples from both the Deadmau5 original and Dillon Francis‘s remix tastefully while still retaining his own distinct style. One of the most unique remixes in the contest, the newly unveiled 18 year old talent is set to dominate the competition right out of the gate.

The track follows an easily mixable dance structure, fit for clubs and the main stage alike, and is highlighted by an intense, energetic atmosphere spanning the entire four and a half minutes. What really catches our attention are the drops, however. Funky melodies and wobbly syncopation collide in spectacular fashion, resulting in 16 bars of dance-crazy bliss that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Because Beatport does not allow for submissions to be uploaded to Soundcloud, we cannot embed the song directly here. You can

Check out the stream here, and drop him a vote if you’re feeling this as much as we are.

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Image Source: Rukes