Not all deep house tracks sound the same. Though to some that may be an incredibly obvious statement, the increased popularity of the genre has resulted in a boom of releases, with many sounding stale and unoriginal. For those looking for something a little different, but still a quality tune to groove to, “Need It” might be the solution. Maiki Vanics may only be 19, but like many rising stars, he discovered his love for producing when he just a teenager. Recently, the German has joined up with Next Gen Records‘ sub-label Nextgen Deep, an emerging label specializing in cultivating underground talent. This partnership has resulted in Maiki’s latest single “Need It.” While that Oliver Heldens-esque synth-house drop is familiar, it’s the modified vocals that set it apart from the rest. Traditionally, house tracks have either soulful divas like Jennifer Hudson singing a catchy hook. On “Need It,” the vocals have been tampered with to produce over and under modulated lyrics, common among other genres like trap or even electro. Maiki makes a risky move and luckily succeeds to make this an enjoyable track. Listen to the song in full below and pick up a free copy on Soundcloud today.