Ever wanted a pretty prog house remix of Sandstorm? No? Well, maybe you wanted one and just didn’t know it. Only by listening to this will you finally know.

Didrick has become a quick favorite of ours since he rather burst forth in the Monstercat 3 Year Anniversary medley, though his originals and remixes are worthy of praise in their own right. Most recently, Didrick has remixed an old and true classic, Darude’s “Sandstorm.” This is probably one of the more inventive takes on the original that I’ve heard so far, blending in the original iconic synth with an amazing and uplifting piano backing track. The bassline is subtle and funky, never overpowering that characteristic “dodododododo dodododododo”, while magical samples and chimes blend in wonderfully. This is an awesome take on the original, it’s a shame it’s not even three minutes long.