Puppet was first spotted on Monstercat last month when he dropped his premiere track “Scribble,” featuring The Eden Project. As a result of his captivating sound, he now has “Answers” featuring Koo, a second track ready for all to hear. The lyrics and vocals contribute to a huge amount of emotion in this tune, along with empowering rhythms and heart-pumping melodies. This type of music creates an atmosphere of happiness for listeners and takes them on fantastic journey.

It’s truly exciting to see artists such as these in the industry, who want to do more than cast a drop every ninety seconds. Puppet invokes power to his fan base and wants them to feel exactly how he does about his music. His creativity proves that sometimes we have to stop listening like a producer or a fan and just listen as if we are children being told bedtime stories. Keep your ears open to this intriguing artist, as I know there will be more mesmerizing tunes to come from him.