On this week’s edition of Sunrise Sessions, we take a look back into the past to when Trance was simpler in terms of structure and free range of ideas, as we dig up an old favorite from the golden era of this magnificent Progressive prodigy. Nowadays, whenever we think of the star studded talents of Arty, we think of his awesome Progressive House cuts such as Up All Night, Grand Finale and Together We Are, and since his inception into dance music a few years ago, he has really matured in terms of where his sonic direction is truly heading towards. However, when he first started out into dance music, he was but a lone producer who was trying to strike it big in the Progressive and Progressive Trance world with his blindingly beautiful melodies and spellbinding harmonic structures, and Arty seemed to be one of those artists that simply knew how to create his ‘own’ sound that would later propel him with some of the greatest in the world. Even before he was snapped up by Anjunabeats to continue his career with iconic singles such as Rush and Zara, he was first given a chance by the mighty Enhanced Music label for his fresh arrangements and cutting edge sound that not only was catchy, but also monumentally beautiful in its own right. Now, we present you with one of his finest remixes ever created with his gorgeous rendition of Tritonal‘s Utopia.

Much like Arty himself, Tritonal has changed dramatically in the past few years, as they have now completely converted into Progressive House with singles such as Anchor, Satalite and Now Or Never. However, they first began their career with pure Progressive Trance and many older fans still reminisce with their legendary original productions such as Still With Me, Broken Down and Piercing The Quiet. With the combined forces of Trance Tritonal and Progressive Arty, this elegant track was destined to be nothing short of miraculous, even though they were both still in their earlier parts of their careers. In this rendition, Arty did what he did best and reworked Utopia into a wondrously majestic Progressive single that focused on combining the pure, melodic energy of Progressive Trance with the classic Prog sound to create a full, well bodied piece of music that excelled on all fronts of musicality. In fact, with all of the fantastic Trance that was coming out overseas within the last decade, this team up for Utopia really showcased to the world just what the United States was capable of in terms of quality musical releases. This remix is not focused on ‘epic’ drops and colossal basslines, but instead, it is just purely based on rich, thriving chords that puts the listener into a blank bliss of aural ecstasy; a kind of track that really focused on letting the outflow of virtuous, untapped creativity flow out onto the canvas and to finally sell the promise that no matter how commercialized music can get, there are still artists who are out there that really care and appreciate the sheer art of musical production; (which is a trait that is exceedingly getting harder and harder to find nowadays).

Arty‘s beautifully crafted remix of Tritonal‘s Utopia is out now on Enhanced Music, so make sure you pick up a copy and relish in the classic sounds of Trance in 2010.


Keep the music alive. -Q




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