The name Jono Grant might not ring a bell for some. But many know him better as 1/3 of Above & Beyond, one of the world’s largest dance music acts. As dance music evolves, Above & Beyond continue to re-invent themselves, whether it’s performing at some of the most iconic music venues around the world, selling millions copies of their records, or even debuting their music videos in the heart of Times Square in the middle of the week. Though many who look in from the outside view these accomplishments as success, not everyone has the same criteria. Some producers think that being the #1 DJ in the world means you’ve made it. Others strive to make music that is timeless. In a recent op-ed published by Cuepoint, Grant reveals what success means to him in an age where dance music has come under fire for being saturated and stale. In the op-ed, he touches upon social media presence, taking risks, and staying true to one’s values instead of chasing the golden ring.

Read Jono Grant’s Op-Ed here. 

photo: Krystal Spencer