Tommie Sunshine is no stranger to stirring up controversy. He has made his propensity for speaking out against injustices common knowledge, and it seems he’s similar less afraid to call out a fellow producer. This all really started when the Ultra trailer with a curious ID was released, leading many people to believe that the mellow and tropical tune was courtesy of Kygo. As buzz started to surge, the news apparently made its way to Tommie’s ears, spurring him to initiate a discussion on Twitter. (“Discussion” here is being used as aΒ euphemismΒ for rant.)

We can gather a few things from the following tweets – Tommie Sunshine doesn’t like tropical house, or rather more specifically, doesn’t like Kygo’s tropical house. Tommie seems to believe that “lullaby music” has no place in the current music scene. I beg to differ. Tommie doesn’t chill, he hustles.

All of these things really pale in comparison to the breadth of tweets that were unleashed last night. Whether you agree with his opinion or not is of little importance; after all, it’s his opinion. But what about the way he went about it? Was calling Kygo out publicly the right thing to do?

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Even Oliver Heldens jumped in for a bit of fun.


H/T: Edmsauce
Image via Jorge Meza Photography