It’s awesome to see the return of the music video. For years, it seemed the art was lost to reality shows and seasons of the Real World, as MTV and VH1 only showed music videos in the wee hours of the morning. But with YouTube and other social media, music videos have leapt of the TV screen and back into the conversation. Dance music is no exception; from DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down For What” to Dusky’s “Yoohoo,” music videos these days are as abstract and creative as the music they were made for. Alison Wonderland is the latest to join in, as her latest track “U Don’t Know” is one of those music videos that makes you say “WTF!?” multiple times through its course. Alison stars alongside Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who everyone else knows as McLovin’ from the raunchy comedy Superbad. Though they’re the only two characters, the twisted cat and mouse game between them is captivating, and includes a surprising twist at the end. Watch the entire video below:

Alison Wonderland’s debut album Run drops in Australia on March 20th (April 7th here) , and includes a tour in North America starting in April. Pre-order the album on iTunes now.