Many patrons and rookies planning to voyage to the Las Vegas Valley and party under the electric sky may have been shocked this morning to see headlines stating that random drug testing would hit the Electric Daisy Carnival in full force. Rest assured that these statements are completely false as they come from satire sites and without quoting or sourcing any reputable sites or publications. In the articles both mention that there would be an increase in police manpower, that there would be more undercover police officers than uniformed ones, and that those who test positive on the drug tests would be subject to criminal charges. Just to reiterate, NONE of these things that these sites have said are the least bit true.

Jennifer Forkish, VP of Communications & Public Affairs at Insomniac, reached out to us with this statement, “This story is 100% false. It’s nothing more than an irresponsible and totally inaccurate spoof intended to scare the amazing fans who attend EDC Las Vegas. While there won’t be any random drug testing, we will be giving out plenty of random hugs!”

Sources: NationalReport/Examiner