Technology is so damn cool. Every year new and exciting inventions are introduced into the market and now, thanks to people at Bragi, the world has their first advanced wireless headphones. Setup up as wireless Bluetooth, The Dash is a multipurpose headset that does everything from play music to track your workout.

What separates The Dash from the competitors is the incredible attention to detail. Nothing was left out in the designing and creation of The Dash and it shows in the amount of features that come standard. For instance, each ear bud is equipped with microphones that pick up ambient noise making the noise cancellation so easy, it only takes a swipe of the finger.

The video below outlines all the exciting features that The Dash offers and with an affordable price, these could very well be your next pair of headphones.

Check out the preview trailer below and make sure to preorder The Dash on the company website here.

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