Welcome to another adrenaline fueled week of our weekly Tech Selections series! This week, we head into the double digits for our tenth edition of our underground series, as we showcase the best in Tech House with artists like Rishi K. and DJ PP and Techno primers with D-Unity, Andrea Bertolini and more. Read on below to check out our hand chosen selections for the week!



1. Rishi K.- Transient Day (Masahiro Suzuki Remix) [Adaptation Music]

To kick off this week’s Tech Selections, I thought it would be prudent to showcase some class Deep House grooves from overseas with an elegant lounge rework by upcoming producer Masahiro Suzuki. The reason why I love dance music from Japan is because they bring such a fresh perspective to the table that isn’t readily available anywhere else in the world and the blast of new possibilities only intensifies its own intrigue and mystery. I especially love the soft piano and xylophone that are incorporated into the chunky beats of this track and the additional subtle nuances that marry the repeating melodic line with the rhythmic percussion line is simply divine.




2. Chris Count- Commando 78 (Original Mix) [Intec Digital]

Intec is always known for their high quality Tech House and Techno releases, and this new one from unknown producer Chris Count entitled Commando 78 has the potential to be a rhythmic stormer when played live. As the name suggests, drums play the main role in this piece’s lifespan, and the consistent variation between slamming drum hits and bouncy basslines give it an extra punch that really works well with each other. The breakdowns are also a nice touch, as the constant drums pummeling throughout each section keeps the energy high and the groove even higher.




3. DJ PP- Dynamic (Original Mix) [Subterraneo Records]

It’s no secret that the majority of Tech House has been moving away from the club ready wet sounds into the dry outdoors with realistic percussion instruments and a more natural, ritualitic groove, but just because more and more producers are opting for the later doesn’t mean that the genre hasn’t gotten out of style. In DJ PP‘s stellar Dynamic, a constant downward ostinato keeps things fresh and interesting as the rolling basslines provide a nice backdrop for any club to vibe with. Definitely a class contender for a secret weapon in this single.




4. Nonnus & Porter Rhodes- Keep Me Close (Original Mix) [Silicon Records]

Now moving away from the Tech House swing of things and slowly immersing ourselves into the dark, dank realm that is Techno, we present to you this rolling chugger from upcoming Techno artists Nonnus & Porter Rhodes entitled Keep Me Close. Even though the names may or may not be familiar, the grooves here are simply undeniable, as the hypnotizing basslines are offset with warped vocals and random industrial sounds, (amidst a particularly spicy percussion section). This track is good for keeping the energy constant while waiting for the next climax to unfold.




5. Rick Dyno- The Bass (D-Unity Remix) [Keep On Techno Records]

Much like the record label suggests, we continue our kick through Techno with a colossal remix of Rick Dyno‘s The Bass by Techno hero, D-Unity. D-Unity keeps true to the title of this track through his monstrous basslines that seem to endlessly reverberate upon each hit, and the force is enough to vibrate your eyeballs in tandem with the rhythm of the beat. Interestingly enough, he utilizes a paired down percussion section that artists such as Miguel Bastida and Mattew Jay utilize, and the clash between the two contextualizes an interesting flavor in the ear.




6. Andrea Bertolini & Motel Connection- Andante (Original Mix) [Human Garden Music]

While I wanted to keep this track under my own secret weapons to unleash on the dance floor, I decided to be generous and show you this monster of a track by Andrea Bertolini & Motel Connection entitled Andante. Don’t let the name of the track fool you; this is NOT slow at all, but is rather a ripping new single that roars through with its constant upward arpeggio and brutal sawtooth synths. While not in the usual style of industrial-minded sounds, this is still qualifies as Techno, even if the energy and drive is completely different from a regular, chugging tune. Massive, massive massive track, this one is.




Thanks once again for tuning into another rhythmic edition of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections! Tune in next week as we search for the best tracks around to kick off your Saturday night off right!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Welcome to Tech Selections! This feature will be a special series from Andrew Quigley that’s purely dedicated to the underground of EDM. Every Friday, we will hand pick some of the latest releases from quality labels and relive some of the world’s hottest, underground tunes. Our goal is to share a diverse collection of talents and sounds from the past and the present to discover new and exciting music for you.