Don’t worry, “Blue Screen Of Death” won’t crash your computer. If it crashes the party though, then that just might cause things to blow up. This original is the newest work from Tommie Sunshine and Halfway House. The song is so new that it actually hasn’t even come out yet. However, you get to hear the full thing right now!

Hysteria Records will see the release through on March 9th, but for now you get to stream the energetic electro original. Festival season is on the horizon and this is likely to make a big splash. To put it simply, it’s fun, A LOT of fun. It’s also simple, but never does it get boring. These two acts have teamed up before on dope records, so it’s no surprise that this one brings some spirit. Be there on the 9th when this drops to get yourself a copy; if you’re a DJ, you’ll need it.