Mark my words when I say that Mr. Probz will be one of the biggest vocal talents of electronic dance music in 2015. Last year it was Tove Lo and the year before that it was Matthew Koma, now Dennis Princewell Stehr will take this year by surprise and storm with his deep, sultry singing. The singer-songwriter of the Netherlands has showcased his remarkable voice with his debut album from 2013 and collaborations with Hardwell, 50 Cent, and more. Now he has posted an interesting preview of a remix to his Grammy nominated song “Nothing Really Matters” a few days ago from the legendary electro house producer Afrojack.

Fans who are expecting another big room banger from Nick van der Wall may be surprised when they listen to his latest remix. In place of high energy plucks and thumping basslines, Afrojack throws us a relaxing deep house rendition of the original tune. You can look at this remix in one of two ways. One, we get to see Afrojack dabbling in new territory we would never thought he would produce. Two, with EDM’s current popular trend gravitating towards deep house and tropical house, maybe another big name is following the current fad of music in place of doing something innovative. I prefer to look at the former and believe that this remix is a nice departure from his typical noise. This reminds me of his remix for “The DJ Is Mine” by Wonder Girls which was an unexpected dubstep makeover of the original. Although the genres are completely different, both remixes were completely polar directions for a musician who’s known sound is very defined and yet can stretch across sub genres.

Check out the preview below.