The Edgewood Speakeasy is known to be an excellent spot for tunes in the city of Atlanta. One of the few places you can regularly catch good house, deep house, and techno style sounds, it is a venue near and dear to my heart. Their Thursday night event got a little bit better this week when they added Shine Live to the docket.

A live music act consisting of RL Shine on the decks and Ian Live contributing percussion or guitar (depending on his mood), the duo will hit Speakeasy with their deepest, sexiest vibes for a spectacular Thursday throw down.

In anticipation for their live performance tomorrow the pair recorded a live mix for their fans to get a sense of what they are going to be enjoying on Thursday, February 18th. Chock full of great songs you’ve heard before as well as ones you haven’t, it’s a perfect balance of aural entertainment.

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