Wishing you could learn to make music and figure out what it takes to become a stellar DJ? Intimidated by the high cost of audio engineering classes? Never fear, CreativeLive is here!

CreativeLive is a digital stockpile of interactive online workshops designed to unlock your creative potential. Their goal is to make dynamic, inspiring education available to everyone and their courses cover everything from business to photography. Best of all, the workshops are 100% free when streaming; if you’re unavailable during streaming times, a site-wide on-demand option is available for a modest $39. Now, you’re probably wondering, what exactly do they have to offer when it comes to music production? The short answer: everything you need. From the fundamentals of DJing and sampling to mixing and mastering, CreativeLive has got you covered.

While most of these are in the backlog of audio workshops, two exciting new ones are just around the corner. First up, Isaac Cotec AKA Subaqueous will walk you through how to mix flawless sets with Ableton Live; mediocre mixing can completely ruin a performance or even an entire event, so he’ll lend extra focus to the why behind the how of DJing to make placing your mix as second nature as breathing. This workshop goes live on March 9th and will run from 9:00am to 4:00pm PST. Topics include:

  • Setting up your studio: monitors, acoustic treatment, etc
  • Routing and gain structure
  • Dynamic range and compression
  • Advanced EQing and spatial placement
  • Adding color and dimension: reverb, delay, and effects
  • Basics of mastering in Live

Then, later in the month, genre blending DJ/producer, Chrissy, will be covering the science behind drum sampling. Drum machines may have given way to massive collections of digital samples, but older classifications still rule; for instance, what’s the difference between a 707 kit and a 303 kit? Chrissy will go over distinctions like this as well as how to create a perfect groove. His workshop begins at 9:00am PST on March 25th and will run until 4:00pm. Topics include:

  • How to chop up samples from a song when you only have the fully mixed version
  • Mixing tips for creating jaw-dropping kicks and crystal clear punchy snares
  • How to use compression to make your drums thicker and louder

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If you’re a budding music producer, you definitely don’t want to sleep on these workshops! Check out the CreativeLive website for more info.