Mondays can suck. Luckily, we have the perfect troll to cheer you up. Whiplash, one of the movies up for several awards at this year’s Oscars, follows the life of an aspiring jazz drummer. The movie itself is phenomenal, but the real fun comes in when DJ Wh1PLA$H does a huge spoof of the movie’s trailer.

Instead of a jazz musician, the trailer replaced the characters with aspiring DJs who attend the “Skrillex Academy” (the top electronic music school in the country) and are pretty much only chasing “Rave Pussy.”

Making fun of electronic music’s most famous cliches, the spoof is one of the better trolls since Davincii rocked the stage earlier last year. Check it out below and get your daily laugh in:

For those who haven’t seen the Whiplash trailer, you can watch the original below:


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