Three EPs in 12 months. That was the goal Ferry Corsten promised he’d complete in 2015 when I interviewed him last month. Today, one-third of that promise has arrived: Hello World EP/1, a six-track affair named after the first successful computer program. If this is supposed to be a nod to going back, back to when music was simpler, without over-produced drops and an influx of producers bent on creating sub-genres rather than strengthening the ones already here, then Hello World/1 is already a success.

Still, it’s a little ironic that Ferry would name his EP Hello World, as if he really needed to introduce himself to the masses. His name has been synonymous with trance for the better part of 20 years, either as himself, System F, Gouryella (with Tiesto) and most recently New World Punx alongside Markus Schulz. During this time, he’s also gone through more than one style evolution over the course of eight studio albums, seven compilations, a remix album, and an endless list of singles. And yet, after all that music, Ferry still manages to bring something fresh to the table in 2015.

Disclaimer: If you are one of the “purists,” one of the trance fans who have criticized the genre and its artists for playing “trouse,” Hello World/1 is for you. “Back to Paradise” ft. Haris is a track for all the rave couples, those who attend shows and let the music bring their two hearts together with a beautiful piano melody and meaningful lyrics. Haris reminds me of Jonathan Mendelsohn, a male vocalist with great range that gives the track an extra layer of awesome (Hello World/1 also includes a special Flashover Mix of this track). “Beat As One” keeps that momentum going, a second romantic track but with a bit more edge than its predecessor, due to vocalist Angelika Vee. “Tonka” is closer to Ferry’s current style, a louder instrumental club track with a melody that sticks in all the right places. The same can be said for “Make It Ours” ft. Chris Jones, which picks up the pace in both the Original and Flashover Mixes. Rounding out the EP is “Hyper Love,” the drum-crazy, radio-ready hit ft. Nat Dunn that’s been in heavy rotation since late last year.

In just seven songs, Hello World/1 bridges a long standing gap between two generations of trance fans. It not only reaffirms Ferry Corsten’s status as a trance legend, but it proves he still has a finger on the pulse of what keeps the genre alive and well in 2015. As for Hello World/2 and /3, those chapters are currently being written; but as Ferry proves in this first installment, anything is possible.

The Hello World EP/1 is out now on Flashover Recordings. Grab your copy from iTunes, Beatport, or stream on Spotify.