Daniel Kandi‘s Always Alive Recordings imprint has been on fire lately with its superb Trance releases filled with graceful melodies and majestic harmonic structures. Over the past two weeks, we here at Your EDM have eagerly covered 0n Suncatcher‘s belter Proglifting single entitled Transylvania Cowgirl and Nick Karsten‘s beautiful Progressive Trance single, Swinger. While these two names have been featured on the label before with releases such as Fruitify and Dunno; (respectively); we now welcome a new face into the Trance fold with the gorgeously musical mind of Frank Waanders and his brand of wondrous, Uplifting Trance. Frank has been on our radar for artists to watch as of last year with his numerous remixes to Vendace, Trance All Stars and AEZ Recordings, but this young talent really caught our eye when he released his fantastic collaborative work with fellow Proglifting talent Gelardi on Into The Deep Blue. In fact, his detailed projects have even caught the eye of Armin van Buuren with a couple of plays on his ASOT radio show, which included his single of Sanur on ASOT 596 and his remix to Eddie Lung‘s Embraces on ASOT 627, (while his remix to Oleg Espo‘s Light Up My Heart was also supported by Trance legend Paul van Dyk on his mix for Lange‘s Intercity 200 celebration). Now, this young artist has gained a big breakthrough with his new single of Senggigi being supported on Always Alive Recordings, and this single may just be his finest Uplifting work to date.

This new outing by Frank Waanders was definitely a track that he took his time on to get just right, and the crisp clarity of each instrument and their relationships to each other only further exemplified Senggigi‘s mighty, emotional aura. In fact, this track’s powerful inner personality is a huge jump of improvement than what we heard from him last year, and since we loved his earlier stuff from the get go, this only intensifies his surrounding aura of intricate artistry and delicate craftsmanship. As customary for Always Alive Recordings, this is definitely a Pure Trance kind of tune, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a punch, especially within the main melodic section of the track. The opening of the piece is filled with all sorts of unexpected surprises, as the flood of rich pads, delicate piano lines, ripping acid synths and warm basslines rush through the central core of the piece to start things off with a powerfully pronounced presence. In the breakdown, a mixture of soothing female vocals, soft piano plucks and rapidly evolving melodic synths add contrast to the piece, especially when he includes a cheeky Breaks percussion to overlay the main section of the piece. Each section contains a new sound or unusual texture to include at random points in the piece, and this not only creates variety within each segment, but also imbues a sense of mystery and suspense within his mellifluous soundscapes. Finally, it unleashes into a powerfully dense and moving main section where the cascading melodic line washes over the body with a blast of cool, sentimental embodiment.

Frank Waanders‘ new single of Senggigi is out now on Always Alive Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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