Mad Decent is gaining some huge momentum, and artists on the label each seem to be producing their own unique, massive sound. Boaz Van De Beatz, a Dutch-native, has proven to be no different. With electrifying synths and screeching trap drops, he burst onto the scene in 2013 with his four-track EP: Flontie Stacks. His newest original, “Partymad”, reveals his full potential with an upbeat tempo and a massive array of drops.

Combined with the soothing vocals of Ronnie Flex, the light, upbeat synths provide a gentle flow that gradually ease into a driving drum track. Before you know it, this peaceful, uplifting verse builds into an earth-shattering drop and decimates everything in its path.

Check out the track below, and don’t miss his next EP “Horse Force” coming out March 3rd!



Photo Source: Mad Decent