After listening to Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü, the album is everything you’d expect from a Jack Ü set, minus Skrilly and Diplo in your living room.

Brilliantly veiled as a Jack Ü 24 Hour Marathon, the duo surprised the world by releasing the album early and partying for 18 hours before the police shut down the festivities.

The adventure begins with an atmospheric melody reminiscent of ‘Doompy Poomp’ overlaid by drunken conversation discussing Jack Ü suppositories. Quickly diving into a twerk worthy assault, ‘Beats Knockin’ kicks off with typical Jack Ü debauchery. ‘Take Ü There’ is old news at this point, but the breakdown of ‘Febreze’ grips you by the ears like some kind of futuristic snake charmer hailing a cab. ‘To Ü’ starts off with a Flume/What So Not-ish introduction, but slams right back into Jack Ü’s party vibe. Diplo’s moombah beginnings take the helm for ‘Jungle Bae,’ which is likely to be a festival anthem this summer, before Skrillex returns to drop some bubbly trap in ‘Mind.’ Continuing the grime, Snails lends a hand in ‘Holla Out,’ a massive hitter dripping in his signature vomstep which works incredibly well with the Jack Ü sound. And of course, Missy Elliot absolutely slays the ‘Take Ü There’ remix, cementing it as a soon-to-be classic.

Deserving of its own paragraph is ‘Where Are Ü Now.’ If nobody knew the vocals were Justin Bieber’s, the general consensus would be that it’s a phenomenal track. Alas, Bieber has dug himself into quite a hole over the years, and mentioning his name prompts a bit of a gag reflex. But you have to admit, the production talent of Jack Ü makes him sound damn good.

As a whole, the album lacks cohesiveness, but that’s what Jack Ü is about, charging hard non-stop and swapping vibes with a seemingly amphetamine fueled frequency. Jack Ü has clearly found a formula and delivered exactly what they’ve been slathering in our faces for the past year.

At a meager 10 tracks, and lasting just over 35 minutes, it’s apparent that the release was originally meant to be an EP, but beefed up for a “full length” album. There’s also quite a bit of non-musical filler in several tracks, but that’s quite alright if you get hot and heavy over the voice and giggles of Diplo and Skrillex.

Both the object of praise and discontent, find out for yourself what a dose of Jack Ü feels like.