Miami duo Andrew and Gino Gomez, better known as A&G, have created quite the name for themselves, landing their first record deal with Ultra Music in 2013. The two brothers have exhibited their talent alongside renowned DJs such as Tiesto, GTA, Fedde LeGrand and many more. Back in December, Ultra Music announced an opportunity for all aspiring DJs and producers to showcase their skills by choosing to remix A&G’s song collaboration “Run With Me” featuring Swedish producer Northmark and the vocals of Gabrielle Ross. The objective was to give the track a unique spin, taking it in any electronic direction desired. After a number of months, there are six versions available, all varying in style, approach and technique.

My personal favorite is the DISCARD remix because of its progressive house interpretation. The original track is an uplifting smasher, with a sprinkle of Ross’ vocals, creating a euphoric party hit. The remix, in comparison to all the others, adds an upbeat tempo, building it up to the chorus, through numerous synths and is transformed into the ultimate club anthem. Check out the tracks below to decide for yourself:

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