I’ve been following Teddy Killerz since their Teddy Massacre EP back in 2013. Its broad variety of genres, all tied together by a singular sound, was a brilliant way to discover this trio from eastern Europe. With a slew of remixes under their belt including Modestep, LeKtriQue & Seek N Destroy, Astronaut & Far Too Loud, and most recently Skrillex, it’s really no wonder how they were signed to the seminal label RAM Records. Though I’m a little sad that I won’t hear as many varied tracks as before, I know that the DnB they put out will also be better than ever.

Leave it to their first release to prove me right. “Teddynator,” an obvious play on Terminator, sets the tone for the rest of the year. It’s that damn good. And just like the T-1000 going after Arnold, there’s nothing but carnage left in its wake. The first false drop at 0:48 just builds up the hype more and more as the vocal samples provide a healthy dose of terror and suspense. Before you know it, the drop is upon you, clamoring and clawing its way deep into your mind; burrowing its cave, where the bassline will be stuck for days. This one is utterly characteristic of Teddy Killerz’ style or raucous bass and unrelenting sound; I would be disappointed if it was anything less.

The EP, along with the B-Side “Endlessly,” is out March 22nd. Pre-order your copy here.