You kids ready for your daily dose of crunk? Good, because Intellitard DownsquareZ are here to serve it up like nobody’s business. Prepare your ears for their debut collaborative EP, The Hellasphere!

While these Bay Area beat freaks have fused their styles in the past, this is their first official release together and it is a doozy. Featuring four original tracks and a stellar remix from Santa Cruz badman, LabRat, the EP is an eclectic and eccentric blend of left coast bass music; glitch-hop, purple, and psychedelic soundscapes are all pureed together for your ears to slurp up like a sonic smoothie. The sound design is on point from start to finish, with full and resonant basslines driving shimmering synth melodies through all kinds of funky stylistic switch-ups. This is undeniably some of their best work yet and if you haven’t hit the play button yet, we strongly suggest you do so now.

IntellitardDownsquareZ have released The Hellasphere as a pay-what-you-can download via Wormhole Music Group, a new imprint from the wonderful folks behind Oakland’s Wormhole Wednesdays. In fact, if you’re a Bay Area native, you can catch the EP release party and the first ever b2b set from these two bass hustlers tomorrow night! And if not, you can still peep the full stream after the jump and fill your ears with some crunk certified tunes.


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Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter

Mastering: Peter Farr (aka Urple Eeple) at Prismaphonic

Artwork: Jon Curran (aka Humpfree Lowgart) at Lowmatic Design