Here it is. Here. It. Is.

This is The Prodigy that I’ve been waiting for. To be quite honest, while the rest of the singles released so far have been decent, they haven’t really struck me as the angry or off-the-wall calibre that The Prodigy has been pushing in interviews for the past couple of months. “Nasty” was a good start and “Wild Frontier” and “The Day Is My Enemy” were certainly angsty, but “Wall Of Death,” as the title might allude to, is a whole other beast.

This is the kind of angry punk track that they’ve been talking about and it’s pretty f***ing awesome. Though we don’t get an official video with this one as with the others, the lyric video is just as poignant. The lyrics are as repetitive as they are direct, and admittedly up for debate. With just little sentence fragments and no real cohesive theme, the punk influences are obvious and the meaning is obscured with filtered guitar chords and a berserk bassline.

As of right now, we’ve seen a bunch of different sides to The Prodigy for The Day Is My Enemy. I’m really excited to see how they all coalesce on March 30th, just under two weeks away.