With Madeon’s Adventure only 12 days away from dropping, excitement is nearing its peak. We’ve seen four singles already released (not including the extras released previous to the album announcement), and there are only eight tracks left to be discovered. Rather than continue to deluge fans with singles and dilute the actual release of the album, Madeon has opted for a much more brilliant option.

Madeon got his start in mashups, right? Those launchpad videos are stuff of legend. Well now he’s basically giving his fans carte blanche with a limited sample library for you to mix and match!

On the left side, you’ve got six drum loops. In the center, you can choose up to three (out of 12) samples or synths. On the right, you’ve got six different basslines/loops.

Now, I haven’t had a statistics class since 2010, but by my calculations, that’s at least over 400 combinations. I guess you know what you’re doing for the rest of the day, right?

This combination is my personal favorite (that I’ve had the chance to try out so far), but you can find your own via the link below. Also, remember to pre-order the album if you haven’t done so already.

Start fresh.


H/T: @MosheIMedia