It’s no question that nowadays people are lured into purchasing a product not for its excellent quality, but simply falling for the brand. Dr Dre, full-time rapper and part-time headphone brand, stands firmly behind the idea that “people aren’t hearing the right music” and that Beats by Dre are the ultimate headphones to provide the exceptional music experience. This extraordinary experience comes with a price as Dre Beats averages out anywhere from $100-$500 a pair. Customers eat up this brand name like pelicans not knowing that the production of this product is fairly cheap costing $14 per set. Am I surprised? Not necessarily–just wish I thought of it sooner. Regardless of its quality, the product has held over a quarter of the headphone market. Perhaps more celebrities should consider endorsing more of such artifacts to gain traction for other brands.

Source: Time Magazine

Photo Credit: FeedFloyd