It’s one thing to be in a library finishing school work and being distracted with a chatty group nearby. It’s another thing entirely to see a lone jester crank the volume to a hardstyle track, fist-pumping like it’s the end of the world, and wildly side-stepping around in the dead center of a building surrounded by students studying, cramming, or getting work done.

At the University of Sydney’s Law Library, an amateur entertainer who goes by the name SlenderTheMan threw a one-man rave one sunny afternoon. After asking a student for a pair of headphones, he decides to go for an “alternative” method to his dilemma. The song, which is called “Insomnia” by collaboration project Wild Mothefuckers made up of Zatox and Tatanka, blares throughout the library as this so-called “EDM Prankster” darts about the building with his arms flailing about and an IDGAFOS attitude. Whether you think it’s super hilarious or outright absurd, clicking below will definitely add some flavor to this weekend.



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