Ultra Music Festival promised a lot, and ’twas delivered. The festival hosted a couple hundred thousand fans over its three days, and thousands more partied to the mayhem via the live stream (myself included).

As could be expected for a massive festival in the middle of Miami, police were present to control the chaos, and it seems that behavior improved over last year. “We’ve learned from years before what’s worked and what hasn’t, and so far what I can report is that we’ve had significantly less arrests than we had last year,” reported Miami Police Sgt. Freddie Cruz.

An increased police presence and formidable array of fencing made quite a difference. Out of thousands of attendees, only 50 arrests were made over the first two days of the festival, the majority being charges such as vending without a license and trespassing. Although, they didn’t catch this guy.

Stay tuned as we give you more from this weekend.


Source: WSVN | Photo by Addictedtoradio.com