TIDAL has been a huge point of controversy lately, as some have even argued that it overtly plagiarizes Spotify. Whether you support the lossless streaming service or not, you have to appreciate the massive star power behind it. Don’t start fangirling just yet though, as this may be a perfect example of the rich trying to get richer. CelebrityNetWorth recently calculated the combined net worth of TIDAL’s 16 partners, and the results are quite staggering.

Jay-Z – $560 million
Beyonce – $450 million
Madonna – $800 million
Calvin Harris – $70 million
Chris Martin – $90 million
Rihanna – $140 million
Daft Punk – $136 million (combined)
Arcade Fire – $20 million (combined)
J. Cole – $8 million
Jack White – $45 million
Jason Aldean – $40 million
Kanye West – $130 million
Deadmau5 – $45 million
Alicia Keys – $50 million
Nicki Minaj – $50 million
Usher – $180 million
Combined net worth = $2.814 billion

Yes $2.8 billion. The partners behind TIDAL say they’re doing this for the people – their slogan being #TIDALforall – so why are they charging a monthly subscription for basic usage of the site? The quality of lossless streaming isn’t even significantly audible, yet Jay-Z and his 15 partners are adamant that this streaming service will liberate the public. Calling the opening press conference the most pompous event in music history, the Telegraph wrote, “In a press conference conducted with the solemnity of a United Nations general assembly, the world’s richest music stars explained why we should all sign up to a service that will make them richer. And all for twice the price of Spotify.” Don’t take this as an order to avoid TIDAL at all costs, but don’t just jump on the glamour-laden bandwagon as well. Make sure you know all the facts and devise your own decision before you throw your money at a squad of powerful superstars.


Image Source: The Rolling Stone