I know Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have been cranking out interviews all afternoon, so I promise to try and switch things up just a little bit. This Dutch duo, who have recently reinvented themselves with their “Sexy By Nature” radio show, have always been on the cutting edge of dance music. Known mostly for their spectacular sets full of energy, every performance is known to get your hips going with fresh tribal-infused tunes. Check out Your EDM’s interview with this lighthearted pair, and listen to the latest episode of “Sexy By Nature” below:

What’s your favorite part about Miami music week?

Sunnery James : The outside parties, beautiful people, nice weather. As a DJ you don’t see each other a lot because you’re traveling but everybody’s here so you meet up and talk about music, and it’s nice. Every year is a big gathering of all the DJs from around the world.

Are you more excited to see your old friends, or to meet new DJs that you haven’t before?

SJ: there’s a lot of talent walking around, they give you USB sticks with music so that’s also good for our radio show ‘Sexy By Nature’ because we get a lot of exclusive tracks and so we go through all the music we’re given and sometimes you get a lot of really amazing music.

How long does it take you to go through demos? Do you split the work up, or do you take turns every week?

SJ: We never plan it. Sometimes he has new tracks and sometimes I go in. We take a few hours every day to go through them. Out of a few thousand promos you’ll get like 3-4 good ones. It’s not bad.

Speaking of selection, you guys have your own pool party this year. How do you choose which DJs play alongside you?

SJ: It’s very organic. The DJs you’re friends with, they play the same music you do, so it’s easy to get them to play, but you also want to go out of the box like we did with some of the DJs we booked.

Ryan Marciano: And it’s also a chance to bring on DJs that our fans might not know yet which is really the best part.

So where did you guys get the inspiration for all the unique sounds from your latest track “Karusell”? It’s very different from a lot of the music being produced right now.

SJ: We just do what we do always. Our sets have very different tracks in them and try to make every style fit, which is what we bring to our production too. Our last track was a little more radio-ready, but now we’re going back to this tribal underground feel, and then the next track is progressive. We look at our sets and we ask ‘what’s missing?’ and then we make it. If you play the same stuff for two hours straight it’s boring.

Do you think tribal sounds are the next big thing?

SJ: I think the next big thing is diversity in dance music. It’s not about a sound, it’s diversity as an artist but still keeping your own style.

If you could plan your dream festival, what type of elements would be in it?

Ryan: It has to be on a beach…doesn’t matter where. Actually, not Holland because the beach there isn’t warm enough.

SJ: If we did a festival we’d have a mainstage where there’d be someone underground, but also a big name like Calvin Harris maybe, and then someone like Lana Del Rey…just a lot of different types of dance music from multiple angles. We would never put a bunch of people together who all make the same music. I want to go in and experience many different styles.

RM: I think there are a lot of festivals that are starting to do that now. We just played Beyond Wonderland last week and they had a lot of different genres represented like trap, and deep house, etc.

If you could be a fan for a day, what festival would you just want to attend and experience?

RM: I’d go to Burning Man.

SJ: I’d go to Lollapalooza so I could see alternative and indie bands.

If you could crossover and work with any artist, who would it be?

SJ: Kanye. A dance song with Kanye would be unlike anything anyone’s ever done before.

Alright, I want to see how well you know each other. Ryan, what’s the one thing Sunnery can’t travel without?

RM: I mean there’s a lot of things he can’t travel without. Not counting phone and laptop, he can’t leave the house without his favorite pair of jeans.

Is that right?

SJ (laughs): sort of.

What’s the one thing Ryan can’t leave home without?

SJ: His hair gel. He will freak out.

RM: Not even my gel, it’s my hair clip. But actually my answer was wrong. He can’t leave the house without me.

SJ: (laughs) He’s right! That’s exactly what it is!

Do you see yourselves getting more involved in fashion like you were with H&M in the past?

SJ: It’s not our plan. If a good brand comes along and it fits us our lifestyle, then why not? We both try our best to look good and stay healthy, especially when we’re on the road.

RM: Although staying healthy is really hard because airport food is terrible. It’s all burgers and fries and there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.

But do you put healthy stuff on your rider like protein bars and fruit?

RM: Yeah, and Vodka…Tequila…

What’s coming down the pipeline for you guys this summer?

SJ: Lots of touring – EDC NY, Tomorrowland Brasil, all those festivals. ‘Karusell’ comes out April 24. We also have a collab with Sander Van Doorn in the works, and we then a mini Sexy By Nature tour with shows in Miami, Vegas, New York. And then of course our radio show. It’s going to be a really busy but fun couple of months!