Normally, I steer clear of any Rihanna remix because that ship has long since sailed. With so many mediocre remixes out there, it had almost ruined my interest in her vocals all together.

Thankfully, Krs. has restored my faith in quality Rihanna remixes with his quintessential rendition of “BBHMM”.

Krs. delivers a bass filled remix that highlights the vocals without overpowering them one bit. This song doesn’t feature a “sick” drop or a “crazy” build and is not meant to be paired with main stage fireworks. Instead, Krs. gives us a song that will stay tucked away in our Soundcloud likes, used for personal listening pleasure.

Krs. has a unique, downtempo sound that is a refreshing taste for the modern dance music¬†scene. All we can do is hope that his sound catches on, because this is some top quality music and it’s just what the electronic music scene needs.

Check out the remix below and make sure to follow him on Twitter: