As DJ technology continues along its path of unstoppable innovation, one new controller is taking a step back and hearkening to an old-school feel with new-school technologies and applications.

Presenting the VERSUS, a handmade and highly customized controller collaboration from Magda & NYMA, and built with the help of Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS. This “unit’s functions are aimed at further bridging the gap between live and DJ performances, at maximizing creative possibilities and at making the process as smooth and practical as possible.” The primary goal, though, was to enable the DJ to focus on the crowd as opposed to constantly referring to a distracting computer screen. For users of controllers, as opposed to the Pioneer CDJ standard, this is a serious issue that major DJ tech companies, like Traktor and Pioneer, have been answering in their own fashion of late.

Although Pioneer undoubtedly put out the best product to further controllerism, in our opinion, we can see where each different controller has its place and user-base. While Pioneer’s new unit might have the most capabilities, Traktor fiends are unlikely to give up their coveted program for slightly more capable decks, & VERSUS tackles the hipster market, filling the need for high quality equipment with a retro feel, extensive capabilities and a minimalist aesthetic.

However with a $1600 dollar price-tag, which is in the same range for both Traktor and Pioneer’s top-end controllers, it’s hard to warrant investing in VERSUS as your primary gear, and feels more fitting as a novelty item – but a dope one at that. Check the video below and read what the creators have to say about VERSUS after the jump.

In recent years, the concept of DJing has changed a lot. Mixing can now be composed of much more complex structures and layers. Our goal was to design a piece of gear which allows us to connect the studio and live environments; something with the versatility to adopt easily to modern standards. Through our daily work as DJs and engineers, we see endless creative possibilities to integrate into our performances. We faced a real challenge, between simply playing music and embracing technology. We wanted to balance and merge these two worlds without losing any of the fun in our performances. The main focus from the beginning was to build a high-quality controller with a practical layout and a clear design that has enough functionalities to go deeper if needed. An instrument you appreciate playing rather than a quick, exchangeable solution. What you see is the result of passionate people collaborating with the aim of getting the best out of their performances and believing in creative expression.