These songs were created when Dead Battery stared death in the face and said, “Not yet.”

On April 14th of 2014, the Austrian producer was struck by a car while out on his motorcycle. For three weeks after the incident, he lie motionless in a coma.

After finally waking up, several months of rehabilitation were endured in a specialized hospital in his home country. Everything from relearning how to walk and to eat took place. During that time he also had access to a computer, with which he was able to produce an entire album of songs. The following tracks are just Chapter 1 of the musical representation that was his recovery process, with the first publication taking place on the day of the accident exactly 1 year later.

The music is every bit as deep as the back story. Every song will grab your heart and make you feel feelings. It’s dark and tragic, beautiful and enlightening, it’s everything you would imagine a recovery process would feel like.

The initial chapter of Recovery recounts Dead Battery’s state of pure unconsciousness. One does not know when one is asleep, and with a coma, it is the same way, but deeper. With sparse arrangements dominated by airy pads, warm keys and the occasional vocal, this chapter serves as the darkness that he¬†withstood.

Die Another Day

Enter into the void with a rugged, but chill dive into the bereft blackness. Bewildering pads and a tepid organ welcome you into the mystifying beginnings of what some might call a miracle. For now, it’s just a mysterious world. “Die Another Day” is a campaign of its own that with life-like percussion and a concluding piano phrase that’s simple, yet profound.

Nothing Lasts

“Nothing Lasts” opens with an insistent introduction. A sort of stage is angelically set by way of anticipation, as though one is in a waiting room, ready for the next step. This dreamlike sequence picks up once the percussion kicks in, and the shakers and keys pull the listener along a presumed path. Vocals patch up the second half of the song as the journey unravels.

Leaving The Light

Opening with a vocal sample expressing its name, “Leaving The Light” is the concretion of the aphotic experience. It’s a slightly upbeat descension further into the abstract reality. The closing segment summarizes the solidification of the shadow upon Dead Battery; a more complete darkness is now achieved.

Vanished World

A tranquil, yet haunting place is birthed with “Vanished World.” A breathy atmosphere is built, with percussion subtly entering into the space in due time. A female voice of the subconscious speaks through the musical web as things progress into a state of full immersion, where a resilient guitar takes over until being detuned out of existence. That is… until its resiliency fights off against the darkness of death.


Dead Battery is just one of the plethora of amazing artists Kannibalen Records has to be proud of. Stay tuned as more chapters of Dead Battery’s story and music unfold. For those who would like to pre-order the full album, you can do so on iTunes.